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Our Process

We help accomplish this through a disciplined process, consisting of three distinct stages: Applied Planning, Investment Strategies, and Serving Individuals.

Applied Planning

Phase I: 

Getting to know you! We talk about you, your family, your interest, your true goals and discuss your long term investment strategy.

Phase II: 

Dive in to how you truly feel about risk and budgeting. Once we know these details then together we can start to put a smart plan together that makes sense.

Investment Strategies

Phase III: 

Understanding your options. We want you to get what we are trying to carefully put together for you in a sceneable manner from using the information you gave us from our phase I and phase II meeting.

Phase IV: 

Explanation.  This is a big decision.  So in this meeting, we will go back through and make sure you understand what we feel is your best option.

Serving Indviduals 

Remember; here at Patrick/Lewis, we never take action or rush our client’s until they fully understand what they are doing and feel fully comfortable with their decisions. We are looking to care for our client’s for now and well into the future.