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Peggy Muse

Peggy Muse

College: University of Oregon. Major: Communications, business administration.

Peggy began her career working as a lobbyist with OSPIRG, a Ralph Nader organization, and outreach of Public Citizen Litigation. She worked for legislative reform at the State Capital in Salem Oregon, for ten years.

Peggy entered into Paralegal studies at Portland State University in 1983, and interned at the Law offices of Gary Carlson in Portland, Oregon. The first estate she worked on was the Howard Hughes Probate, for his Oregon assets.

In 1985 Peggy launched her own business offering specialized legal services in the area of Living Trusts and Wills.

Peggy has been featured in numerous articles, most notably: LA TIMES; Wall Street Journal; NBC TODAY SHOW; The California Lawyer; UCLA Law Review; Nolo Press; San Jose Mercury News.

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