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"May not be representative of the experience of other clients"

I can relate the great work of Brian and his associates to the watch dog that one keeps at home to alert you of trouble coming to your home…

Keeping my money secure and watching for all the important moves…along with being there for conversation to any problem or need, this is Patrick Lewis Investments a "WatchDog" of your money and a protector for your good will…

Always willing to be there to conference when needed and to keep me updated as to the progress of every move in the market that affects my financial well being…

I feel so very secure in their ability… I would totally recommend everyone to seek the wise council of Patrick Lewis Investments to advise and protect every financial area in your life…

Thanks for the great work that puts me at ease with no worry of tomorrow, with eyes and ears totally open to the well being of my home and life financially.

Patrick Lewis Investments, a place to be when you want a future safe and secure…

Patrick Lewis…'Partners in Life'.

Gerald Bennett & Althea Bennett

To Whom It May Concern: It is with enthusiasm and pleasure that I offer this testimonial of service regarding the Patrick Lewis Investment Group.

For thirty years I have invested in various forms of TSA services. Then, in 2005, I was introduced to Brian Ahern the CEO of Patrick Lewis.

In these few years of entrusting my retirement savings to Brian, I have been amazed by his service ethic. His treatment is equal regardless of a client's holdings.

Brian knows his client's needs and personally oversees all investments while also knowing the person as a human being. This interaction between client and investment counselor allows him to painstakingly advise, review, and guard the client's funds to guarantee the highest possible growth needed for future income, while still showing the utmost caution in protecting those funds.

Brian Ahern (aided by his incredible Administrative Assistant, Mitzi Winks) is a hands-on counselor who guides his clients through the complicated processes of rollovers, IRAs, and Tax Shelters. He even helped me with paperwork for retirement!

Brian exceeds all expectations in communication, client care, empathy, and understanding. The peace of mind afforded by this phenomenal level of service enables me to confidently partake in travel, golf, the arts, and other avocations without worry.

Andrea Gowen

Brian's close attention and personalized approach to each client's specific situation and current and future financial needs, as well as the constant communication and advise, not only make it a pleasure to work with Patrick Lewis Investment Group, but also extremely rewarding to watch my portfolio grow substantially in spite of a turbulent economy.

Brian knows each investor is different and had different short, mid and long terms obligations and goals. His individualized approach and constant communication with his clients make him unique and appreciated.

Brian has integrated both my personal and business investments, assets and liabilities to my advantage, allowing me to have the available cash flow where and when I need it, be assured that my investments are safe, and my tax consequences minimal. Hs finger is on the pulse and he looks after every client as if each were his only client.

Thank you Brian, your hard work and efforts are immensely appreciated.

When my father passed leaving me a sizable inheritance, Brian sat down and explained three different options to me taking into account numerous factors allowing me to maximize the growth and setting a strategy that I was very comfortable. My father would be so happy knowing how smart I was with what I've done with the inheritance, thanks to Brian.

Jeff Abels, C.T.C.

As I was approaching my 60th birthday, I began to seriously consider retirement. When could I retire? Could I EVER afford to retire?

A friend of long-standing had recently retired and she recommended that I call Steve Hollimon of Patrick Lewis Investment Group. Having medical issues and a retirement she hadn't properly prepared for, Mr. Hollimon enabled her to pay off debts and retire with a respectable monthly income. I found this very impressive since my friend was in a TERRIBLE financial situation and had been for a very long time.

I called Mr. Hollimon and he was very friendly and easy to talk to. He came out to see me and my wife the very next Saturday. We reviewed my finances and Mr. Hollimon made suggestions for our financial future. The program that he suggested seemed "custom fit" to our needs and for the very first time in my life, I felt prepared for a retirement in the "not so distant future." With my debts paid, I now look forward to a bright future and financial security.

Needless to say, I am more than please with Steve Hollimon and his financial expertise. I have recommended him to all my co-workers and friends!

J. Patrick Sullivan
Local Governmental Affairs
Southern California Edison

I am writing to express my experience and overwhelming appreciation working with Steve Hollimon. Steve has one great personality and truly knows how to explain the whole principle behind the options presented to me. I feel so confident in Steve’s information and direction when I need it. I would and have talked to many people about the Patrick Lewis Investment Group. My daughter plans in the future, when they release her retirement money to go to Steve. All I can do to finish this testimonial is to state that having someone you can depend on to be there with any advice you need is very comforting. He truly cares for all of his clients which in these times is very rare.

Linda A. Najera

As we near the end of the year, we realize how fortunate and blessed we are to be at this time in our lives. Because of you guys, “Steven & Brian” advising us and guiding us through our investments we are enjoying life to its fullest.

Like so many seniors, we were reluctant and leery about who to pick to help us with our investments. At Pico Rivera Senior Center we heard of Patrick Lewis Investment Group.

We met at our home several times, including a Mexican lunch which they greatly enjoyed. We decided that these were people we could trust with our investments. We look forward to their holiday dinner every year.

I want to take this time to let you guys know how much we appreciate the effort you put into making it seem like one big happy family. Just to know, that at any time we can call and ask questions about our investments or guidance on other issues gives us peace of mind.

Thanks again for the “outstanding” and “fantastic” service you provide us with. We see you as our friends not our agents.

Nancy & Frank Hernandez
Pico Rivera Senior Center

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brian Ahern for three years. Originally, I was impressed on how thoroughly he explained the potential investment options available. We mutually decided to place my investment into something that fit my objectives and also left me comfortable regarding the risk involved.

Our quarterly meetings are always informative, as we discuss the past performances and future projections. I don’t consider Brian my “financial advisor”. I look at Brian as a “friend” who provides me sound financial advice!

Kurt Kachigan

When I retired, in 2002, I had no idea as to what I was going to do wit my finances. Someone told me about L.B. Center, which is when I met Steve and Brian. The both helped me out, set up a visit to go over all of my finances. I’m happy that I was able to have two good finance men and yourself, Mitzi, to help me out. I’m comfortable with all of you. All the follow up has been great. I hope it will stay that way.

Alice Rudolph

I have worked with Steve and Brian over the course of 10 years with my past and current agencies as Senior Center Supervisor for the Cities of Downey and Arcadia. Patrick Lewis Investment Group, and more specifically, Steve Hollimon has provided a sensitive, caring and professional delivery to the older adults in these communities. I have the utmost trust and respect in Steve to meet the individualized needs of our older adult clientele.

Dan Belling

I have had the honor and privilege of having to known and to do business Mr. Steve Hollimon . His expertise in financial matters and knowing what needs to be done is unparalleled. His great people skills and courteous interaction with others is beyond reproach. And I highly recommend him to others who have need of assistance with their financial matters. Well Done Steve !!! BRAVO ZULU!!!!.

E. P. Tovar

“Past performance is not indicative of future performance or success”